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Business Law

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Business Law

Business law covers a wide variety of legal services, specifically targeted toward the needs of business owners and entities. Two broad categories of business law are transactions (involving documents and filings) and litigation (involving disputes). Protecting a business from the outset is the best way to avoid potential problems down the road. Proper documentation in place at the start will help keep a business compliant, maintain clear and enforceable agreements, and hopefully minimize risks of litigation. Call today for a free telephone consultation to discuss your business and goals.


One of the first steps in growing a business is choosing the right business entity for your unique goals. Whether a single owner, or group of partners, the right business entity will allow you to protect your efforts and minimize your personal liability.  In general, your start-up will need the following:

Choice of Entity Analysis
Name Search & Reservation
Draft Articles
State Registration
Draft operating documents
Register and Serve as Registered Agent
Obtain Federal Identification Number



Throughout the life of your business, you will encounter a wide array of contractual agreements. A well crafted agreement will ensure that the intentions of the parties are clear, help minimize the risk of a breach and protect in in the event of a breach.  The types of transactional agreements you may need are as varied and diverse as the businesses we represent.  However, a handful of common contracts are the following:

Employment Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Purchase and Sale Agreements
Real Estate Development Agreements



We do our best to avoid lawsuits, but sometimes, litigation is a necessity.  When it is, MMPE LAW is here to help.  Business litigation includes several types of business-related claims.  We can help you whether you are need to file a suit to protect your business.  We can also help if you have been served with a lawsuit.  MMPE LAW has a combined over 88 years of experience and over 130 year legacy, we have seen a thing or two.  We can help.

Some common types of claims include:
Breach of Contract
Partner Disputes
Shareholder Disputes
IP Enforcement
Employment Claims
Derivative Actions.

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