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Balancing the Scales in Your Favor.

MMPE LAW’s mission is to provide a high quality, creative, and result oriented legal team to individuals and businesses. What we bring to the table are the skills needed to balance the scales in our client’s favor.  Make MMPE LAW a member of your team.

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The real estate group at MMPE LAW has vast experience in real estate transactions and disputes.  Whether you are an experienced real estate developer, a novice investor, or involved in a real estate dispute, the attorneys at MMPE LAW have the experience and skills to meet your needs.

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Estate Planning is more than a process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. It is also the process of planning for the protection of your assets during your life and planning for your golden years.  Unfortunately, about 70% of the population does not have an Estate Plan at all, or the one they currently have is not adequate for their particular circumstances and family situation. Let us help you solve this problem.

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It is a common experience to be dissatisfied with a case that has been tried by a court or decided by a jury.  Sometimes, the decision is reasonable and the parties must be satisfied.  Sometimes, the decision is wrong.  When it is wrong, the next step is to appeal the case to a higher court.  MMPE LAW can help you get the right answer at the appellate level.

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Our family law attorneys can assist you with every aspect of family law including Divorce, Modification, Paternity, Adoption, Juvenile Law and Guardianship.

MMPE will ensure that you are provided the highest quality of legal services and that those services are personalized to you. We are the seasoned advocates you need on your side, negotiating on your behalf and promoting your interests.

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Business law covers a wide variety of legal services, specifically targeted toward the needs of business owners and entities. Two broad categories of business law are transactions (involving documents and filings) and litigation (involving disputes). Protecting a business from the outset is the best way to avoid potential problems down the road. Proper documentation in place at the start will help keep a business compliant, maintain clear and enforceable agreements, and hopefully minimize risks of litigation. Call today for a free telephone consultation to discuss your business and goals.

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The terms “trademark” and “mark” refer to both product and service trademarks. Trademarks can be used under common-law or registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for stronger enforcement of trademark rights. The marks can be a brand name, a logo, a shape, letters, numbers, sound, smell, color or characters which identify a product or service that comes from a particular source

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MMPE’s tax practice encompasses all areas of federal, state and local taxes.  Our firm assists individuals, as well as public and private companies of all sizes, including closely held businesses, family businesses and farms.  We have the experience and expertise needed to help our clients make the most of their tax dollars today or to transfer their family business and farms on to the next generation tomorrow.

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From a Client’s Perspective

George Lee
Harley-Davidson Dealer

I’m a Harley-Davidson dealer in Texas and was defrauded by an Auction House in Missouri. My Texas lawyer did some research and referred me to Samantha Pennington Evans. I was very fortunate that day to have engaged with Samantha. Although the fraud was blatant, cases such as this are very difficult to win. Other dealers were also defrauded and had not presented successful cases. On principle alone, I was determined to pursue the defendants. Although the difficulty of the case was exacerbated by the fact that we were out of state, Samantha’s diligence, communication, and professionalism carried the case across the finish line with a six-figure win. She was superb during depositions, but I was truly even more impressed by her courtroom demeanor. She reserved emotions and presented only the facts. She was so convincing during the trial that I was convinced that we would win. When I left her office after the trial, I told her very sincerely that I was so proud of her and the work she had done that I would be okay with whatever the outcome. She gave me her all. That’s all anyone can ask of their attorney. I only have one regret. And that is that she doesn’t live in my town so that I could continue a long-term relationship. Previous to my motorcycle days I was a Porsche dealer for 15 years and my partners were lawyers. So, I have had a good dose of watching lawyers. Samantha is the best! If you should ever have a need, you would be running a red light if you didn’t hire Samantha. I rarely give a testimony this glaringly positive because there are very few professionals in the world that are so head and shoulders above the others. But Samantha is that person and if you need a great lawyer, you need Samantha!

Elton G. Bates

Randy Maness has served as my legal counsel for both my personal and business activities since 1984; business activities which now include owning and operating a pharmacy, a sand and gravel operation, and a ready mix plant and previously included a metal fabrication and manufacturing plant that did business outside the country, a manufacturing plant that made densified wood pellets for residential heating, a Sears catalog store and a construction company.  During that time Randy has created business entities, handled real estate purchases and sales, created rental contracts and leases, assisted in various types of negotiations, created partnership agreements, provided advice in human relations issues, and in all cases provided very good, sound, legal advice.  It goes without saying, the quality of his work has been excellent and his legal knowledge and practical approach when outlining and offering legal advice has served me well.

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Outstanding service

Randy, Siegrid and Samantha are passionate about providing quality service.  We are the advocates that our clients can depend on.

130 Year History

Our firm’s history goes back as far as 1888.  That is when Benjamin Harrison was president and the Washington Monument was completed.

Reliable Partner

MMPE LAW know that success is sometimes determined by the people you have in your corner.  We don’t only want to by your lawyer, we want to be your partner in success.


Having offices in Poplar Bluff and Doniphan Missouri mean we are closer than ever to you.  Ask about our Client Portal which makes access to your case even easier.

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Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning

Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning

Cryptocurrency investors find themselves in a unique position.  They have wealth that is increasing (and decreasing) at an astounding rate.  This wealth is, at present, unregulated and decentralized.  That is the point after-all, isn’t it? The result is that this...

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