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Family Law

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Family Law

Our family law attorneys can assist you with every aspect of family law including Divorce, Modification, Paternity, Adoption, Juvenile Law and Guardianship.

MMPE will ensure that you are provided the highest quality of legal services and that those services are personalized to you. We are the seasoned advocates you need on your side, negotiating on your behalf and promoting your interests.

Child Custody Decisions – Your Children Are the Most Important Thing

Custody cases are hard for everyone involved.  Nobody “wins” in a fight over children. We can help.  We can navigate an amicable custody resolution in a way that preserves your child’s relationship with their other parent.  However, when the stakes are high, we will fight as hard as you to protect your children.

Property Division in Divorce – Making Sure You Are Happy

In Missouri, marital property division during divorce is based upon fair and equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. The court considers the income and economic situation of each spouse during the divorce and afterwards to fairly divide property that was acquired during the marriage, as well as debts, pensions or retirement accounts.

We strive to ensure that our client’s do not walk away from the divorce feeling as though they received their fair share.  We will fight to ensure that is true for you too.

Adoption – A Blessing

MMPE Law is particularly fond of bringing new families together.  Whether you are looking for an attorney to assist you with adopting your child through the state, as a step-parent or through a private adoption, we can help.   We would love to help.  Our attorneys have experience in all types of adoption cases and are accustomed to navigating the juvenile system.  We can handle the complexities and help to ensure that the adoption and your family are secure.

Guardianship – We Know the Process

Whether there is a child or an adult that needs a guardian, we can help.  Our attorneys understand the process of obtaining a guardianship and conservatorship and can help you navigate the system.  Guardianships are always hard for everyone involved and sometimes, it is the only solution but if there are other options, we can help you find them.  Talk to us about your situation and see what we can do.

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